filipe amado

Explorer, Brand Expert & Story Teller


dventure is the name of the game. Having lived in 5 different countries and travelled extensively around the world, I love capturing moments, snippets of time, sharing moments and telling the world what’s going on. Beauty is all around us, in the small things, the fleeting moments and glimpses of dreams that are waiting to come alive.

Business, Branding, Film, Photography and Design. Different worlds that end up interconnecting with each other to make communication even more powerful and attractive. Having worked in a Fortune 100 company and with more than 10 years experience in the NGO/Non-profit world, I understand your challenges, I relate to your difficulties and I can help you go above and beyond.  Building a brand is challenging, promoting your project is demanding, but together we can build something stronger, better and eye opening.

I love seeing projects transformed. Bringing fresh and innovative ideas while maximizing resources.

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