Madaworks is a newly established  non-profit organization that was created to change girls’ lives by providing scholarships to allow them to go to secondary school as well as to support women’s sustainable artisan weaving collectives that are based in Madagascar. Having high dreams, they needed a fresh, attractive and delicate brand that would spread their message of hope.


  • Brand Architecture & Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Fundraising & Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Website Development


As a new organization in the market, one of the most important factors for their initial success was an attractive brand, joined by a fast and beautiful website that works as an official platform to connect with the organization’s stakeholders and potential donors. I developed the brand from ground up, considering the different cultural backgrounds of Madagascar, the founder’s preferences and making sure that the brand communicates the essence of what Madaworks represents.

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